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Conference Mind is very delighted to invite all the participants to our 4th International Conference on Addiction Psychiatry & Mental Health during September 29-30, 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany with the ongoing theme “Current Innovations & Research Opportunities in Addiction Psychiatry to Improve Mental Health”. This conference will focus on the entire field related to Psychiatry, Addiction, and Mental health it also covers what is the innovative treatment related to these disorders. 

Addiction Research Conference inviting all the professors, scientific communities, scientists, doctors, therapists, counselors, and business delegates from around the world to showcase their newest science, research, best practices, and innovations in Addiction Research, Addiction Treatment, Mental Health, Psychiatry Disorders, Rehabilitation Therapies, etc. towards the upcoming researchers in the medical field. We also invite young students and researchers to have quick access to the information that might advance their research. The key theme of Addiction 2023 is to bring unique ethical and responsive approaches to all the researchers towards addiction unusual cases and to deal with the most updated research and applied trials assumed in the field of Psychiatry, Addiction, and Mental Health.

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