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Conference Mind conferences are accredited with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Education (CE), Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits respectively. This is the best platform of the worldwide Conferences, Symposia, Workshops and Exhibitions, include all major science (Medical, Clinical, Pharma, Life Science), Technology (Robotics, Mechatronics), Business Management and Engineering.

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Frequent asked questions

Q.What is the AIM of Conference Mind ?

A.Simple is AIM. To provide an environment that aids in people's growth on a variety of topics and connects individuals with one another AIM is basic. To create a setting that promotes people's development on a range of issues and links them with one another globally

Q.How The Conference Mind Working?

A.With the assistance of the Conference Mind official team and some organisations that will provide both direct and indirect assistance, Conference Mind works to meet the needs of the world in terms of research, knowledge, and human development.

Q.When & Where Started Conference Mind ?

A.In 2018 at India World

Q.Could I create a Conference & webinar?

A.Yes, you could create a Conference & webinar with the help of Create Page in website also helped by our Team

Q.What is the Theme?

A.The Knowledge Exchange

Q.What is Conference Mind

A.Conference Mind is an organization of Knowledge exchange by the people for the people to the people

Q.I need an invitation letter to the conference, how do i get one?

A.Invitation letter is provided, who require an invitation to assist with their travel visa application. Regarding the same you can directly contact the respective conference manager through an email.

Q.I haven't received confirmation of my conference booking yet, when should i expect it?

A.Once the payment is received we will email you a registration acknowledgement.

Q.Will i get a certificate of attendance at conference?

A.Yes, all delegates and speakers are able to get certificates at conference registration desk and are available anytime during the conference.

Q.I am the co-author of a paper can I present the work?

A.With the consent of the main author, co-author can present their work.

Q.What are the dates of the conferences?

A.All conference details will be available on the corresponding conference website or for more details contact the respective conference coordinator.

Q.How many abstracts can be submitted by a speaker?

A.Maximum 2 presentations can be given by a single speaker.

Q.How do i register for conference?

A.You need to go to the respective conference page and click on registration URL, where you can be found below the prices. Select the respective category and proceed further to confirm your participation.

Q.How can i submit my abstract?

A.Go to the corresponding conference page and click the abstract submission URL and submit abstract to the respective conference by filling all the details through online or you may submit through email.

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