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Welcome To
8th International Conference on

Aquaculture and Marine Biology

THEME: New Advancements in Aquaculture & Marine Biology

About Aquaculture and Marine Biology

The 8th International Conference on Aquaculture and Marine Biology is scheduled for October 25-26, 2024 in Odisha, India The Aquaculture Conference runs with the theme “New Advancements in Aquaculture & Marine Biology”. The get-together gives the overall field to worldwide scientists to voice their investigation revelations to the world. With operators from all the significant nations participating, the atmosphere is stimulating with the open and agreeable relationship between members. Marine Biology Conference 2024 unites an International blend of specialists like academicians, researchers, and business experts, the overall population, momentum, and imminent fish ranchers to share data and thoughts regarding the improvement of aquaculture and sea life science. Participants will find out about a few points important to aquaculture and sea life science and get some answers concerning the ebb and flow of aquaculture hardware and items by perusing the ongoing Exhibition. Everybody with an enthusiasm for aquaculture, and sea life science, including imminent producers

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Aquatic Ecosystem & Aqua Farming

Nature is the logical investigation of how creatures communicate with each other and with their condition. This incorporates connections between people of analogous species, between various species, and among creatures and their physical and substantial situations. Sea-going nature incorporates the investigation of those connections in every single sea-going condition, including seas, estuaries, lakes, lakes, wetlands, waterways, and streams. Biological system scientists expect how supplements, energy, and watercourse through an environment.

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : Aquatic Ecosystem & Aqua Farming
  • Track 2 : Aquatic Diseases & Immunity
  • Track 3 : Aquaculture Science
  • Track 4 : Aquaculture Nutrition & Supplies
  • Track 5 : Aquaculture Genetics & Biotechnology
  • Track 6 : Aquaculture and Fisheries
  • Track 7 : Marine Life & Conservation
  • Track 8 : Freshwater Biology
  • Track 9 : Coastal and Marine Ecosystem
  • Track 10 : Aquaculture Engineering & Waste Management
  • Track 11 : Sustainable Aquaculture

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Organizing Committee Member

Pavanasam Natarajan
A. Shyla Suganthi
Hayri Deniz
Shoichiro Ozaki
Nils Axel Morner
Mehdi Asemani
 Kurcheti Pani Prasad
Jitendra Kumar Sundaray
Dr. Binay Kumar Chakraborty


G. Vidya Sagar Reddy
Pavanasam Natarajan
Keerthi Thalakattil Raghavan
P. Santhanam
Jitendra Kumar Sundaray
Emmanuel Parlier
Kh. Victoria Chanu
A. Devivaraprasad Reddy
Phibi Philip Naduvathu
 Ram Babu
Amod Ashok Salgaonkar
D. Thakuria
George Schroeder
Bai Zemin
Pragyan Dash
Shiwei Xie
 Manoj. M. Sharma
Louis Landesman
Rakesh Rahul Jadhav
Mahadevan Ramanan
Geeta Padate
Mahendra Kumar Yadav
Manmohan Kumar
Jyoti Saroj
Sandesh Vitthal Patil
Dr. S. Ferosekhan
Neelesh Kumar
Sanjay Kumar Gupta
 Bhaskar Gaikwad
 U. Sivagurunathan
Vanita D. Revankar
Himanshu S. Swain
 Sushree Sangeeta Dey
Kakoli Banerjee
Kamalii Ahilan
Aditi Rambhau Banasure
Akriti Gupta
Amrita Mohanty
Sumit kumar
Garima Anand
Pranali Prabhakar Marbade
Srikantha Nayaka G
Samiran Patra
Suja Aarattuthodi
C. Greg	Lutz
Jasmine Singha
Mukesh Kumar Singh

Market Research

Aquaculture is an occupant where fish cultivating is drilled in various societies, for example, marine water, freshwater, and harsh water. Various types of fish are developed and reaped in a perfect condition through aquaculture. These fish are further beneficial for various applications, for example, sustenance industry, dietary enhancement, and others. Overall enthusiasm for worldwide aquaculture may develop or stretched out by USD 209.42 billion out of 2021, building up a solid CAGR not so distant future. To the extent volume, worldwide interest for aquaculture remained at 71,190-kilo tons in 2015. Aquaculture grandstand is on a very basic level controlled by a decrease in overall catchments of fish. In any case, frightful climatic conditions are the genuine impediment that is required to confine the advancement of aquaculture grandstand within the near future. Aquaculture is a Major Field in contemporary nourishment source as indicated by the FAO, aquaculture "is comprehended to mean the cultivating of amphibian animals including fish and marine plants. Cultivating assigns some type of association in the training procedure to build generation, for example, normal giving, sustaining, guarding against slayers, and so on. In addition, this example is preventing to continue over the market of aquaculture in the midst of the accompanying couple of years. North America and Europe are depended upon to have critical improvement in not all that removed future o

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Shandong Longchang Animal Health Product Co., Ltd, China
College of Fisheries, CAU, Tripura
ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, India
Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Nigeria
Ranchi University, India

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