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Welcome To
International Conference on

Battery and Fuel Cell

THEME: Growing passion in finding different technologies of Battery and Fuel Cell
December 15-16, 2021

About Battery and Fuel Cell

Conference Mind heartily welcomes all the participants across the world to attend the International Conference on Battery and electric cell Technology during December 15-16, 2021. The conference can specialize in the theme “Growing passion in finding different technologies of Battery and Fuel Cell”.

Battery tech 2021 can impact an attractive moment to fulfill the individuals within the analysis field and development; thus, it takes the enjoyment of gap a gate to fulfill the power within the field, young researchers, and potential speakers. The conference conjointly includes essential topics on technologies associated with batteries and fuel cells, particularly on what we have a tendency to accomplished to date and what we are going to achieve future. Our conference goes to deliver varied keynote sessions, comprehensive speeches, and poster displays by the eminent scientists and students within the field of batteries and fuel cells. Through this, we are able to attain nice information in trendy advancements of batteries and emphasize current challenges in battery and electric cell technology.

This is the most effective internet platform to showcase Your’s recent analysis innovations is in a position to} reach several researchers et al. worldwide through International internet Conference and gain new data that is able to be valuab

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Scientific Sessions

New Battery Technologies

The battery technology is used in the Hybrid vehicles as this technology growths are to be improved among the people. The new batteries are: Gold nanowire batteries, Magnesium batteries, Solid state lithium-ion, Graphene car, Sodium-ion, Foam, Nano, Liquid Flow batteries and lots of. The future technologies of battery are more exciting.

Lithium Batteries

To control a wide variety of goods or electronic devices the Lithium batteries have become the preferred energy. They are preferred much because they weigh lighter than the other batteries and also the highly reactive element which can store a lot of energy in the atomic bonds. It does have few disadvantages as well. We deliberate how the lithium battery works, its design and latest technologies, types and its applications.

Battery Management System

A BMS is an electronic system that manages a battery pack by protecting it from the external operations. It includes in many functions like Monitoring, calculating, protection, reporting and authenticating/balancing.

Design and Technology of Batteries

The internal purpose of a battery is typically controlled within a metal or plastic case. Under this metallic there is a cathode, which connects to the positive terminal, and an anode which connects to the negative terminal. These constituents, more generally known as el

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : New Battery Technologies
  • Track 2 : Lithium Batteries
  • Track 3 : Battery Management System
  • Track 4 : Design and Technology of Batteries
  • Track 5 : Fuel Cell Technologies
  • Track 6 : Advanced Energy Materials
  • Track 7 : Applications of Fuel Cells
  • Track 8 : Hydrogen energy
  • Track 9 : Super Capacitors
  • Track 10 : Applications of Batteries
  • Track 11 : Nanotechnology in Advance Batteries

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Organizing Committee Member

Jennifer Wen
Muhammad Afzal
Michael G. Pecht
 Petra Bele
Eileen Hao Yu
Kai Sundmacher
Su Pei-Chen
Ulrich Stimming


Market Research

Battery Tech 2020 welcomes attendees, presenters, and exhibitors from all over the world to Paris, France. We are pleased to invite you all to attend and register for the “International Conference on Battery and Fuel cell Technology" which is going to be held in December 10-11, 2020 at Paris, France.

Battery: The global market of Battery technology includes the various types of batteries which are included in our day-today life. This analysis gives us the information of the market intelligence and variations in the growth of this industry.

The Li-ion Battery market has registered with 25% of CAGR during the year 2000-2016 and it is estimated to an increase of another 16% of CAGR by 2020. The demand for electricity will be more between 2010 and 2040. The fastest growing region is expected to be as Asia-Pacific region based on the forecast period and then followed by North America and Europe. Creating an excellent opportunity for the battery industry there is a high growing demand for the electric vehicles, hybrid electric and plug-in vehicles.

Fuel Cell: There is a substantial scope for the fuel cell market to grow globally where the market is expected to raise in the next coming six years.  The market size is expected to grow by 17% from the year 2016-2020 with $8643 million from the year 2015 from $2894 million.

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