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Welcome To
7th International Conference on

Biofuel and Biomass

THEME: Explore the Recent innovations and Accelerating Advancement in Biofuel & Biomass
December 06-07, 2024

About Biofuel and Biomass

It’s our pleasure to welcome you all to the “7th International Hybrid Conference on Biofuel and Biomass” scheduled for December 06-07, 2024. The theme of the conference is Recent Advancement in Biofuel & Biomass”.  We want to gather all the experts and students, YRF, and & interested people from across the field who will present their advanced research and challenges faced during the pandemic and their thoughts, Knowledge, and Opinions with the rest of us in an International Global Conference.

Biofuel and Biomass 2024 will offer Research sessions, Poster sessions, Tutorials, Video Demonstrations, Industry Sessions, Q and A Panels, and a Ph.D. presentation. It will be a great global webinar for sharing the latest insights of academic and industrial research as well as experiencing unique connections.

Target Audience:

Biofuel Biomass 2024 has extended global outreach efforts to invite speakers and attendees from many nations around the world, who have an oppor

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Biomass

As a vitality source, biomass can either be utilized legitimately through ignition to create heat or optionally in the wake of changing it to various types of biofuel. Biomass is a natural issue collected from living, or as of late living beings. Biomass is an inexhaustible wellspring of fuel to yield vitality since squander buildups will consistently win – in types of scrap wood, plant residuals and backwoods assets and appropriately coordinated woodlands will consistently have extra trees, and we will perpetually have crops and the unconsumed natural issue from those harvests.

Track 2: Advanced Biofuels

Original biofuel forms are helpful however controlled by and large: there is a breaking point above which they can't yield enough biofuel without denying nourishment supplies and biodiversity. Some original biofuels depend on appropriations and have not cost seriously with winning petroleum derivatives, for example, oil, and some of them yield just restricted ozone-depleting substance discharges investment funds. While thinking about outflows from creation and transport, life-cycle evaluation from original biofuels ordinarily approach those of customary non-renewable energy sources. Progressed

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : Biomass
  • Track 2 : Advanced Biofuels
  • Track 3 : Biomass Technologies
  • Track 4 : Bioenergy
  • Track 5 : Bio alcohols and Bioethanol
  • Track 6 : Bioenergy Applications
  • Track 7 : Biomass Feed Stocks for Renewable Energy Generation
  • Track 8 : Renewable Biofuel and Bioenergy in the global energy transformation
  • Track 9 : Biohydrogen
  • Track 10 : Biomass Technologies
  • Track 11 : Bioenergy Conversion

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Organizing Committee Member

Talib M. Albayati
Teresita Marzialetti
Pradip Lingfa
Rohit Dev
Ramesh K. Agarwal
Janaina Camile Pasqual Lofhagen
Kamesh Salam
Ram Babu


 Tejpal Singh Chundawat
Prasanna Chaudhari
Ajeet Kumar
Morteza Jafarsalehi
Pradip Lingfa
Rohit Dev
 Mohammed Al Ta'ani
David Ramjohn
Sukhraj Soni
Kishan Karunakaran
Per Ribbing
Nour Sh. El-Gendy
Jamie Lewis
José Bressiani
Maria Cândida Arrais de Miranda Mousinho
Sunil Rai
John K. Chinda
Randhir S Gajraj
Peter Maliro
 Julian Hunt
Ambika H D
Mohamed TAHIRI
Rishikesh Deshpande
Ruchi Lamba
Soshu Kirihara
Muhammad Amir Aqil Mohamad Dzol
Jesús David Coral Medina
Atul Mittal
Mubarak. M
Karan Kumar
Joaquín Reina Herdz
Arjun Ajith Mohan
Faizur Rehman
V.P. Joshi
Rajesh Kumar
Ankush Halba
Victor Eveleens
Sunita Kumari Meena
Sayon Chakravarty
Sumanta Bhattacharya
Neetu Yadav
Indulekha John
Avinash Narayanaswamy
B.K. Manjunatha
Chris Chatterton
 Balwant Kumar
 Ram Babu
Vaibhav Bode
Sanjukta Banerjee

Market Research

The biofuels market size is projected to reach USD 230.5 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 5.10% from 2019 to 2025. The major factors driving the growth of the global biofuels market include the potential to reduce emissions. According to Emissions Gap Report 2018, the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions show no signs of peaking which would help to limit global warming. The global biofuels market is projected to grow at a high rate during the forecast period due to the renewability of biodiesel. According to WBA Global Bioenergy Statistics 2018, published by World Bioenergy Association, liquid biofuels especially biodiesel is the leading renewable solution for the transport sector as it would lead to environment-friendly use of biofuels in the transportation sector. For instance, In 2016, 3.43 Exa Joule (EJ) of biofuels was used in the transport sector accounting for 3% of the share in the total energy use in the transport sector.

Increasing use of crude glycerin from biodiesel production would act as an opportunity for the biofuels market, as crude glycerin can be used for multiple purposes uses such as for freeze protection for coal, and as a dust suppressant. However, Insufficient availability of all types of feedstocks such as algae, starch, and sugar would hinder the market growth, as all the feedstocks do not possess the same performance concern for the market. Key players in the biofuels market such as Archer Daniels Midland Company, Aceites Manuel

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