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4th International Conference on

Data Mining and Data Analysis

THEME: Building the data driven future of Data Mining and Analysis

About Data Mining and Data Analysis

The 4th International Conference on Data Mining and Data Analysis to be held from October 30-31, 2024. The theme, is “Building the data-driven future of Data Mining and Analysis” This Conference aims to expand its coverage in the areas of Big Data and Data Mining youthful scientists' introductions will be put in each meeting of the gathering will be enlivened, and keep up your excitement.

Data Mining, the extraction of concealed prescient data from huge data sets, is an amazing innovation with extraordinary potential to assist organizations with concentrating on the most significant data in their information stockrooms. Information mining instruments anticipate future patterns and practices, permitting organizations to make proactive, information-driven choices. 

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Data Mining and its Applications

Data mining is the way toward finding examples to remove data with a shrewd technique from an informational collection and change the data into an intelligible structure for additional utilization. Information mining is the point-by-point assessment venture of the "information revelation in data sets" measure. These applications relate Data mining structures in authentic money-related business domain assessment, Application of information mining in situating, Data mining and Web Application, Engineering information mining, Data Mining in safety, Social Data Mining, Neural Networks and Data Mining, Medical Data Mining, Data Mining in Healthcare.

Track 2: Big Data in Nursing Research

With progress in innovations, nurture researchers are progressively creating and utilizing enormous and complex datasets, now and again called "Large Data," to advance and improve Health Conditions. New methodologies for gathering and itemized assessment huge datasets will permit us to all the more likely comprehend the organic, hereditary, and conduct underpinnings of wellbeing, and to improve the manner in which we forestall and oversee disease.

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : Data Mining and its Applications
  • Track 2 : Big Data in Nursing Research
  • Track 3 : Big data for Industry
  • Track 4 : Big Data Technologies
  • Track 5 : Big Data Analytics
  • Track 6 : Big Data Algorithm
  • Track 7 : Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations
  • Track 8 : Personalization with Deep Learning
  • Track 9 : Cloud Computing
  • Track 10 : Business Analytics
  • Track 11 : Data Mining and Machine Learning

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Organizing Committee Member

Zoran Obradovic
Leman Akoglu
Evimaria Terzi
Kaizhu Huang
Petra Perne
Fairouz Kamareddine
Ian Davidson
Jia Di
Crina Grosan
Carlotta Domeniconi


Market Research

As the world is getting more computerized and associated, large information and business investigation are making additional opportunities for information assortment, stockpiling, and insight cycle and examination. With the colossal measure of the information age, stockpiling, and catch, huge information and business investigation have developed as a significant innovation to contemplate and understand information related troubles for organizations that have a gigantic measure of information put away and utilized inside the association.

The expanding premium and interest in computerized reasoning, thusly, is prompting the beginning of new apparatuses for gathering and examining information and new venture jobs and duties which incorporates large information and business examination arrangements.

The Global Big Data market is assessed at $23.56 billion every 2015 and is hoping to reach $118.52 billion by 2022 developing at a CAGR of 26.0% from 2015 to 2022. Rushed development in customer information, predominant data security, upgraded business efficiencies are a portion of the key components fuelling market development. The information mining devices market is required to develop from USD 591.2 Million out of 2018 to USD 1,039.1 Million by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11.9% during the conjecture time frame, attributable to the striking increment in information volume and expanded mindfulness among ventures to help the advantages of accessib

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