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Welcome To
International Conference on

Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics

THEME: Collaborative Innovations in Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics
September 27-28, 2024

About Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics

We are thrilled to announce the International Conference on Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics, taking place on September 27-28, 2024. This conference is a premier platform for scientists, researchers, and industry professionals to share their latest research findings, discuss innovative ideas, and foster collaborations in the fields of quantum mechanics and nuclear physics.

Our theme, "Collaborative Innovations in Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics," aims to highlight the groundbreaking developments and future directions in these critical areas of science. Join us to explore how interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation are advancing our understanding of the quantum world and nuclear phenomena.

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Scientific Sessions

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track-1 : Nuclear Reactions and Dynamics
  • Track-2 : Advanced Experimental Techniques
  • Track-3 : Quantum Spintronics
  • Track-4 : Atomic and Molecular Astrophysics
  • Track-5 : Nuclear Reactor Physics

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