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Welcome To
3rd International Conference on

Virology and Vaccine Research

THEME: Recent Trends in Virology and Vaccine Research

About Virology and Vaccine Research

Welcome to the 3rd International Conference on Virology & Vaccine Research is going to be held on April 25-26, 2024. We will specialize in the theme “Recent Trends in Virology And Vaccine Research”. This exciting symposium will provide you with a summary of serious areas in Virology & vaccine research, varying from Viral Infections to T-cell Activation & Gene editing. These topic areas will form the core of the scientific program that's initiated by overviews of Virus interactions with the host and is closed with an outlook on the longer term.
Virology Conference aims to assemble the researchers, principal investigators, experts, and researchers working under academia and business delegates, healthcare industry, scientists, and students across the world to supply a global forum for the distribution of original research results and discuss new ideas, and practical development experiences. The scientific program paves the way to collect visionaries through research talks and presentations and suggests many thought-provoking strategies. We hope that you simply will grasp this academic occasion to revitalize the enduring connections and learn new research around the globe.

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: General Virology

Virology is the investigation of viral – sub microscopic, parasitic particles of hereditary material contained in a protein coat and virus-like specialists. It centres around the accompanying parts of infections: their structure, order and development, their approaches to contaminating and misuse have cells for propagation, their cooperation with have living being's physiology and insusceptibility, the ailments they cause, the methods to seclude and culture them, and their utilization in research and treatment. Virology is viewed as a subfield of microbiology or of medication.

Track 2: Viral Immunology

Viral immunology is the investigation of viral contaminations and safe reactions toward viral diseases which can cause an injurious impact on the elements of the cells. It incorporates both DNA and RNA viral contaminations. Infections are firmly immunogenic and incite 2 sorts of resistant reactions; humoral and cell. The collection of specificities of T and B cells is shaped by revisions and substantial transformations. T and B cells don't, for the most part, perceive similar epitopes present on a similar infection. B cells see the free unaltered proteins in their local 3-D compliance

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : General Virology
  • Track 2 : Viral Immunology
  • Track 3 : Molecular and Cellular Virology
  • Track 4 : Vaccine Research and Development
  • Track 5 : Viral Vaccines
  • Track 6 : Bacterial and Fungal Virology
  • Track 7 : Microbiology
  • Track 8 : Human Vaccines- Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases
  • Track 9 : Veterinary Vaccines
  • Track 10 : Food Bacteriology
  • Track 11 : Virology and Infectious Diseases

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Organizing Committee Member

Irina St. Louise
Dr. Indranil Banerjee
Nikolai Nosik
Hiroshi Ohrui


Market Research

Virology, the study of viruses, is an unparalleled branch of life sciences. With an immensely high prevalence of diseases such as flu, hepatitis, AIDS, and STDs, the importance of virology is repeatedly highlighted. The global medicine market is anticipated to grow over 2015-2025. The major players are expected to remain key growth drivers for virology over the study amount because of hyperbolic instances of microorganism epidemic breakouts and large investment in analysis and Development.

Some of the astonishing discoveries are Antiviral agents for the treatment of Ebola virus disease, Kidney transplantation from HIV-positive donor to HIV-positive recipient, Gene editing of the HIV receptor, Indeterminate HIV nucleic acid test leads to infants, Modified vaccinia Ankara vaccine for prevention of smallpox, Outcomes for Zika virus-exposed infants in the second year of life.

The global virology market is estimated at $1693 million in 2017 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period 2018-2023. North America is the largest medicine market junction rectifier by the U.S., owing to technological advancements such as rapid, portable diagnostics. North America is predicted to retain the highest market position over the forecast period also. Globally Europe is projected to maintain the position as the second-largest market. Throughout the forecast period, Europe is estimated to record the highest CAGR, recognized by enhanced healthcare in

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