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THEME: “Biotechnology for Tomorrow's World”
November 18-19, 2021

About Biotechnology

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Biotechnology heals the world by utilizing nature's own toolbox. biotechnology show promise for likely application in 2025 such as personalized medicine, genome engineering, human gene therapy, biomanufacturing, biofuels, environmental remediation, genetic engineering of disease and drought resistant plants, synthetic biology, and technologies.

Team Conference Mind welcomes you all around the globe to be a part of Global Conference on Biotechnology slotted on November 19-20, 2021. We invite speakers from around the world to our global conference/webinar and they have motivated thousands of people with hope, practically and virtually with stunning results.

Theme: “Biotechnology for Tomorrow's World

Global Biot

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1. Biotechnology:

Biotechnology, the use of biology to solve problems and make beneficial products. The most prominent area of biotechnology is the manufacturing of therapeutic proteins and other drugs through genetic engineering. Biotechnology is especially vital in the subject of medicine, the place it enables the manufacturing of therapeutic proteins and other drugs. Biotechnology has additionally proved useful in refining industrial processes, in environmental clean-up, and in agricultural production.

Track 2. Molecular Biology:

Molecular biology, field of science concerned with studying the chemical structures and processes of biological phenomena that involve the basic units of life, molecules. The field of molecular biology is focused especially on nucleic acids (e.g., DNA and RNA) and proteins macromolecules that are essential to life processes and how these molecules interact and behave within cells. In particular, molecular biology seeks to understand the three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules through techniques such as X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy.

Track 3. Therapeutic Proteins:


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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 11 : Environmental Biotechnology
  • Track 12 : Anti-Aging Biotechnology
  • Track 10 : Animal Biotechnology
  • Track 8 : Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Track 9 : Medical Biotechnology
  • Track 7 : Genome Editing
  • Track 6 : Bacteriophage Proteomes
  • Track 5 : Hydrogels
  • Track 4 : Synthetic Biology
  • Track 3 : Therapeutic Proteins
  • Track 2 : Molecular Biology

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Market Research

Biotechnology is a field of study of biology, which leverages living organisms, biological systems or parts thereof, in order to create products or technologies beneficial to health. The biotechnology market will witness growth due to increased demand from bioinformatics applications. Biotechnology has application in biopharmacy, bioservices, bioagriculture, bioindustries and bioinformatics. Biopharmacy segment dominated the overall biotechnology market demand, accounting for more than 50% market share in 2018. Increasing usage of bio-recombinant proteins in several vaccines used to treat chronic and infectious diseases is anticipated to foster the biopharmacy market growth. Moreover, focus of biopharma companies on advancement of personalized medicines will boost the market progress. Rapidly ageing population base, prone to various chronic ailments due to structural and functional changes in the body will further escalate the product demand in the global market. Asia Pacific biotechnology market outlook is anticipated to show around 9% CAGR over the forecast period. Large patient pool in highly populated countries including India and China, prone to various diseases will act as a primary market driver for the regional business growth. Moreover, widespread adoption of biotechnology in agriculture and industrial applications will eventually favour the market progression.

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