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Welcome To
6th Global Conference on


THEME: New Advancement and Innovation in Dentistry

About Dentistry

Conference Mind welcomes you to join us at the 6th Global Conference on Dentistry, which is scheduled for June 21-22, 2024. This is the quality platform for all the younger researchers, professors, assistant professors, younger investigators, dental scientists, doctors, post-graduate/Master's college students, Ph.D. students, and trainees to exhibit their research and innovation.

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Advances in Dentistry

Progressions in dental innovation offer improved answers for customary oral and dental wellbeing problems.  The field of dentistry is using innovation to make dentistry increasingly agreeable, sturdy, productive, and characteristic searching for the patient as could reasonably be expected. There are numerous new headways in dentistry, the dental specialist may decide to offer an upgraded condition of solace and improved oral wellbeing.

Track 2: Technological Tools in Dentistry

Dental innovation offers a superior answer for oral wellbeing difficulties by utilizing dental instruments for counterfeit teeth, dental inserts, dental crowns support, and to keep the patient progressively agreeable, productive, and regular looking.

Track 3: Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer growth is otherwise called mouth disease. Oral cancer growth may happen any place in the mouth, on the outside of the tongue, on the lips, inside the cheek, in the gums, in the sense of taste in the salivary organs. It is a kind of head and neck malignant growth.

Track 4: Cosmetic D

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : Advances in Dentistry
  • Track 2 : Technological Tools in Dentistry
  • Track 3 : Oral Cancer
  • Track 4 : Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Track 5 : Orthodontics
  • Track 6 : Endodontics
  • Track 7 : 3D Printing in Dentistry
  • Track 8 : Dental Surgery
  • Track 9 : Dental Implantology
  • Track 10 : Laser Dentistry
  • Track 11 : Public Health Dentistry

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Organizing Committee Member

Eman Rabea Kalloub
Mahmoud K. AL Omiri
Rebecca Mayall
Tarek El-Kerdani
Sirma Todorova Angelova
Ramandeep Singh


 Monika Khatri
Xavier Riaud
Sunita R Melwani
Pooja Chakraborty
Ashish Gupta
Amarjeet Gambhir
 Arpit Sikri
Geetpriya Kaur
Nutan Tyagi
Vasundhara Aggarwal
Savita Jk
Rohit Gadda
Swati Mehra
Aditi Verma
Arnold Weiss
Manisha. S
Soshu Kirihara
Yeganeh Arian
Haritma Nigam
Saima Ahmad

Market Research

Global Dental Market

International Dental Market is predicted to be more than $50 Billion markets by 2020; increasing with double-digit CAGR. The global dental equipment market has been evaluated at USD 6.2 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 8.5 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 6.5 % through the estimation period from 2016 to 2021. Dental Equipment has the highest market share among all the 7 segments (Preventive Dental Care Market, Dental Implants Market, Dental Endodontic Market, Dental Restoratives Market, Dental Prosthetics Market, Dental Orthodontics Market, and Dental Equipment Market). Growth in this market can largely be ascribed to factors such as the rapid growth in the aging population, increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry, and the growing incidence of dental caries and other periodontal diseases.

The dental market incorporates diagnosis, treatment & prevention of diseases of the teeth, gums, and supporting bones. This market can be categorized into two wide-ranging types: dental consumables and dental equipment. Dental consumables consist of implants, prosthetics, preventive, orthodontics, restorative, and endodontics. The global dental market has been growing at a steady growth rate. This is attributable to influences such as growing dental implant volume, the rapid rise in the number of dentists, growing healthc

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