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Welcome To
8th World Congress on

Earth Science and Climate Change

THEME: Advancing the Science of Climate Change to Restore our Earth

About Earth Science and Climate Change

Team Conference Mind - The leading global conference community welcomes you all around the globe to be a part of the 8th World Congress on Earth Science and Climate ChangeSlotted on March 29-30, 2024 with the theme “Advancing the Science of Climate Change to Restore the Earth”. 

Earth & Climate Change 2024Conference includes Keynote talks, Plenary talks, Symposiums, Workshops, Poster Presentation, and Panel discussions on the latest research developments in the field of Earth Science and Climate Change. 

Target Audience:

  • Academies
  • Researchers
  • Industries
  • Students
  • Ecologists
  • Meteorologist
  • Marine biologist
  • Oceanographer
  • Environmental researchers
  • Business entrepreneurs
  • Training institutes
  • Microbiologists
  • Chemical/Biological engineers
  • Biochemistry researchers
  • Environmental engineers
  • Waste management associations
  • Environment

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    Scientific Sessions

    Track 1: Earth Science

    Earth science or geoscience incorporates all fields of science related with the world Earth. This is frequently a part of science dealing with the physical constitution of the world and its air. Earth science is that the investigation of our planet's physical qualities, from seismic tremors to raindrops, and floods to fossils. The various motivation behind the world sciences is to recognize the present capacities and consequently the past advancement of the world and to utilize this data, whereby adequate, for the benefit of human race. Some earth researchers utilize their data of the world to invent and create vitality and regular asset. Others study the effect of human activity on Earth's condition, and style approaches to ensure the world.

     Climate Change Meeting | Earth Science Conference 2023 | Climate Change Symposium | Climate Change Seminar | Earth Sci

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    Tracks and Key Topics

    • Track 1 : Earth Science
    • Track 2 : Biodiversity and Climate Change
    • Track 3 : Climate Change and Health
    • Track 4 : Global Warming
    • Track 5 : Climate Change & Climatology
    • Track 6 : Geosciences and applied Geology
    • Track 7 : Carbon Cycle and Carbon Footprint
    • Track 8 : Renewable Energy
    • Track 9 : Environmental Sustainability and Development
    • Track 10 : Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics
    • Track 11 : Remote Sensing & GIS Applications

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Organizing Committee Member

Rahul Verma
Deepak Kamble
Sultana Nasrin Baby
Erick C. Jones
Mark Bomberg
Pradip Pofali


Khalid Elyas Mohamed Elameen
Rahul Verma
Suresh Aluvihara
Karim Selouane
Lucille Alonso
Davide Forcellini
Suresh Aluvihara
Rifaat Abdalla
Priti Sriranjan
Lyudmyla Symochko
Gundlapalli Swathi
Sivakumaran Sivaramanan
Rajnish Prasad Rajesh
Eddiwan Kamaruddin
 Soshu Kirihara
 Surya Teja Varanasi
Wafik Noseir
Yellagandula Mani
K. Siddhartha
Jeevitha P
 E. Hemavathy
Maria Kuman
Tibor Lindovsky

Market Research

The field of Earth sciences and environmental change is focal in assurance ebb and flow issues: Like waste transfer, contamination, groundwater the executives, fountain of liquid magma and quake perils. It is additionally basic inside the investigation and usage of common assets like oil and gas, minerals and totals. An indispensable territory of examination in the Earth sciences intends to decide how the planet has developed from its starting point of 4.6 billion years prior to the present. Earth's stones and dregs give a long record of worldwide alteration in the light of the scope of upgrades. A few Earth researchers' zones joined together, worried about the unwinding of this record of worldwide alteration and in foreseeing future changes to the planet. The Earth sciences will end up being dynamically prominent in the 21st century as mankind resists overpowering troubles in finding normal advantages for help Earth's growing masses, in assuaging trademark hazards that influence immense peoples and wide built establishment, and in achieving conservative common stewardship with respect to a creating Earth condition. This report grasps the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Earth science wording: The Earth sciences incorporate that bit of geosciences that keeps an eye on Earth's solid surface, outside, mantle, and focus, including the relationship between the solid Earth and the air, hydrosphere, and biosphere. Purposes of the Earth sciences keep runnin

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