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Welcome To
Global Congress on

Food Science and Nutrition

THEME: Advance in Food technology

WEBINAR: International Web Conference       December 3-5, 2020

CONFERENCE: Update Soon.....        New Delhi, India
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Global Congress on Food Science and Nutrition will be held during December 3-5, 2020Food Science Conference will focus on the theme “Advance in Food technology”. It is an overall pioneer in making amazing gatherings, events, workshops, and symposia in each and every genuine field of science, advancement, and remedy. Food Conference 2020 is proposed to gather driving judgment aptitudes to a phase on Food Innovation and its support. It is the extraordinary manual to a pass on comprehensive prominent universities in the authority of sustenance science and advancement, specialists, hypothetical researchers, sustenance examiners, analysts, etc. Sustenance Technology Meeting is contained to offer far reaching Tracks that address current issues in the field of Food Technology, for example, Sustenance Science and Technology, Food and Nutrition, Food Microbiology, Food Safety, Chemical Analysis of Food.

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Track 1: Food Science & Technology

The commitment of sustenance science and advancement specialists to driving the examination of sustenance, guaranteeing an ensured and abundant sustenance supply, and adding to progressively helpful individuals any place is critical to that improvement. Sustenance researchers and technologists are versatile, interdisciplinary, and system organized experts in a calling at the intersection purpose of predictable and mechanical changes. As the sustenance framework has radically changed, from one in perspective on family Food age on specific ranches and sustenance conservation to the cutting edge blueprint of today, by a wide margin most are not related with their sustenance nor are they okay with developing creation and Food assembling proposed for better sustenance prosperity and quality".

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Track 2: Nutraceuticals & Nutrition Supplements

The worldwide sports nourishment market represented $28.37 billion of every 2016 and is relied upon to reach $45.27 billion by 2022, developing at a CAGR of around 8.1% somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2022, as indicated by another report from Zion Market Research. The nutraceuticals business keeps on being in a sound position generally and future conjectures are promising. For instance, Euromonitor International anticipates the U.S. nutrient and dietary enhancement market to increment by 53% to $28.7 billion by 2021.

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Track 3: Food and Nutrition

Food has been an essential piece of our life. Certification of nourishment guarantees improvement in youngsters and youth keeps up fantastic flourishing all through life. Enhancements are segments of nourishment required for body in satisfactory sums for development, growth, and living a regular life. Sustenance joins the procedure from eating nourishment to its use in different parts of the body. The investigation of sustenance directs what enhancements we require, in what entirety, how to get them and how the body uses them. Satisfactory, impeccable and sound sustenance shows the perfect entire and level of enhancements for a legitimate use for accomplishing most raised proportion of physical and mental thriving. The use of nourishment in the body consolidates three strategies – taking care of, assimilation and use of enhancements in the body.

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Track 4: Food Safety

Insufficient dietary admission during pregnancy is a noteworthy issue in some low-salary nations. The Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS) was acclimated to examine nuclear family sustenance get to and the individual dietary good assortment review to investigate ladies' dietary assortment. Sustenance security relates directly to sustenance and prosperity. Normally sustenance security is thought of as being related to availability and access of staples.  Be that as it may, the risk to sustenance security furthermore lies with urbanization, wage contrast, overpopulation, natural framework corruption, animal prosperity, and sustenance soundness. Sustenance fitness is furthermore a fundamental piece of sustenance. Strength is seen by methods for sustenance prosperity and sustenance obstruction programs, making them fundamental pieces of a sustenance security program as well.

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Track 5: Food Chemistry

It resembles natural science in its rule parts, for instance, sugars, lipids, and protein, yet it similarly joins areas, for instance, water, nutrients, minerals, synthetic concoctions, nourishment included substances, flavors, and shades. This train moreover incorporates how things change under certain sustenance getting ready strategies and courses either to overhaul or to shield them from occurring. An instance of overhauling a system is bolster maturing of dairy things with microorganisms that change over lactose to lactic destructive; an instance of keeping a technique would stop the burning on the outside of recently cut Red Delicious apples using lemon juice or other acidulated water.

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Track 6: Pediatric Nutrition

Pediatric Nutrition is the maintenance of a proper well-adjusted eating regimen comprising of the basic supplements and the sufficient caloric admission important to advance the development and continue the physiological prerequisites at the different phases of a youngster's improvement. Healthful needs change impressively with age, a dimension of movement, and natural conditions and they are legitimately identified with the rate of development. In the pre-birth period development absolutely relies upon sufficient maternal sustenance. During the outset, the requirement for calories, particularly as protein, is more prominent than at any postnatal period as a result of the fast increment in both stature and weight.

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Track 7: Genetically Modified Food

Genetic change of food nourishment isn't knew - For hundreds of years, sustenance yields and creatures have been adjusted through specific rearing. While qualities can be moved during specific rearing, the degree for trading hereditary material is a lot more extensive utilizing hereditary designing. In principle, hereditary designing enables hereditary material to be moved between any living being, including among plants and creatures. For instance, the quality from a fish that lives in freezing oceans has been embedded into a strawberry, enabling the organic product to be ice tolerant.

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Track  8: Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is nutrition required for patients with medicinal concerns. Clinical alludes to the administration of patients, including outpatients at facilities, yet in addition (and mostly) inpatients in emergency clinics. Essentially it joins the logical zones of nourishment and dietetics. Clinical nourishment assumes a noteworthy job in sickness counteractive action. It joins essentially the logical fields of sustenance and dietetics and intends to keep a sound vitality balance in patients, just as giving adequate sums different supplements, for example, protein, multivitamins, and minerals. The central go for clinical nourishment is to keep up a sound vitality balance in patients, just as giving adequate measures of supplements, for example, proteins, minerals, and nutrients. Nourishing Assessment, Parenteral sustenance, and Nutrition Physiology goes under clinical nutrition.

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Track 9: Food & Nutritional Disorders

Nutritional Disorder is brought about by deficient utilization of food or of specific supplements, by the powerlessness of the body to ingest. As such Nutritional insufficiency issue may incorporate deficiencies or excesses in the eating routine, weight addition and dietary issues, and relentless sicknesses, for instance, cardiovascular contamination, hypertension, ailment, and diabetes mellitus. Healthy disorders moreover consolidate developmental varieties from the standard that can be neutralized by decline nourishment, an inborn metabolic issue that responds to dietary treatment, the relationship of sustenance and enhancements with nourishment sensitivities and prejudices, medications, and potential risks in the food supply.  

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Track 10: Food and Obesity

Weight decrease and eating routine organization is a test for some people the world over. Comprehensive, more than 1 billion people are over an ideal weight. Despite the negative social effects being overweight has on an individual, the prosperity effects can be savage. The impacts weight has on dangerous or groundbreaking disorder are devastating. Ailments, for instance, diabetes, coronary sickness, and ailment all have associations with being overweight or heavy. Extending preparing tries, open weight organization structures, and sustenances, and a creating need to be physically appealing have stimulated this market in later years. In excess of 100 million people in the United States are successfully connected with a weight decrease or weight organization structure at any one time reliably. This proposes an enthusiasm for things and organizations which will continue for a significant long opportunity to arrive.

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  • Track 1: : Food Science & Technology
  • Track 2: : Nutraceuticals & Nutrition Supplements
  • Track 3: : Food and Nutrition
  • Track 4: : Food Safety
  • Track 5 : Food Chemistry
  • Track 6: : Pediatric Nutrition
  • Track 7: : Genetically Modified Food
  • Track 8: : Clinical Nutrition
  • Track 9: : Food & Nutritional Disorders
  • Track 10: : Food and Obesity
  • Track 11 : Food Biotechnology

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Organizing Committee

 Afrozul Haq

Jamia Hamdard University, India

 Sudha Bansode

Sudha Bansode

Associate Professor

Shankarrao Mohite College, India

Baher Effat

Baher Effat


National Research Centre , Egypt

Osama ibrahim

Osama ibrahim

Principal research scientist

Bio innovation LLC , USA

Fahim Shaltout

Fahim Shaltout


Benha University, Egypt

Kevin S. Murphy

Kevin S. Murphy


University of Central Florida , USA

Alexander Sulakvelidze

Alexander Sulakvelidze

Vice-President and Chief Scientist

Intralytix, Inc.,Baltimore , USA

Cuie Yan

Cuie Yan

Principal Scientist

PepsiCo Global R&D , USA

Dr. Majid Hajafaraji

Dr. Majid Hajafaraji

Research Associate Professor

Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences



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