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Welcome To
5th International Conference on

Gastroenterology & Kidney Care

THEME: Future Perspectives in Gastroenterology & Kidney Care

About Gastroenterology & Kidney Care

It’s our pleasure to welcome you all to the 5th International Conference on Gastroenterology & Kidney Care, which is scheduled on April 19-20, 2024The theme of the conference is Future Perspectives in Gastroenterology & Kidney Care” . We want to gather all the experts and learners, Students, YRFs,s & people related from across the field who will be presenting their advanced research and challenges faced during the pandemic and their thoughts, Knowledge, and Opinion with the rest of us in the International Global Webinar.

Gastroenterology 2024 will offer Research sessions, Poster sessions, Tutorials, Video Demonstrations, Industry Sessions, Q and A Panels, and Ph.D. presentations. It will be a great global webinar for sharing the latest insights of academic and industrial research as well as experiencing unique connections.

Target Audience: 

The Target Audience will be personnel from both Doctors and academic fields which include CEO, Di

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: General Surgery

General surgery is a multi-disciplinary area of surgery and healthcare that deals majorly with the abdominal and gastrointestinal tract. Surgeons dealing with general surgery expertise in Trauma, Laparoscopy, Colorectal surgery, Vascular Surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Transplant Surgery, Surgical Oncology, and Endoscopy. General surgery is one such branch of surgery that requires specific instrumentation and precisely specialized solutions. A general surgeon deals with the central core of anatomy, immunology, intensive care, metabolism, neoplasia, nutrition, pathology, physiology, shock, and resuscitation, and wound healing. A general surgeon is known to handle the diagnosis of a condition, followed by the pre-operative, operative, and post-operative care, including complications during and post-surgery. 

Track 2: Pediatric and Neonatal Gastroenterology

The gastrointestinal tracts of children are quite different from those of adults. Various treatments that are prescribed to adults cannot be prescribed to kids; hence the sub-specialty of pediatric gastroenterology was created, to overlook the kids suffering from various abdominal issues. Pediatric gastroenterologists, pediatric hepatologists, and die

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 01 : General Surgery
  • Track 02 : Pediatric and Neonatal Gastroenterology
  • Track 03 : Pancreatic Diseases
  • Track 04 : Gastrointestinal Oncology
  • Track 05 : Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Track 06 : Hepatitis and Liver Fibrosis
  • Track 07 : Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  • Track 08 : Gastrointestinal Radiology and Imaging
  • Track 09 : Advancements in Urology
  • Track 10 : GI bleeding and Pathology
  • Track 11 : Bladder Cancer

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Organizing Committee Member

Savvas Papagrigoriadis
Safwan AbdulRahman Taha
Odd Helge Gilja
Amin Gohary
Mirey Karavetian
Hesham Abdelkawy Hassan
Fumihiko Hinoshita
 Alexander Seifalian
Pushpam Kumar Sinha


Mallesh Kurakula
Amin Gohary
 Wei Ling Huang
Rahul Hajare
Chinedu Imo
Bhuneshwar Yadav
Ling Sien Ngan
Segundo Mesa Castillo
Sajith Sebastain
John K. Maesaka
 Pushpam Kumar Sinha

Market Research

Gastroenterology deals not only with the gastrointestinal disorders or infections of the GI tract and accessory organs, but also with the gastrointestinal therapies, drugs, therapeutics, and devices that are used in the diagnosing of the infections and diseases of the GI tract. According to a recent survey, 6 in 10 people globally, suffer from some form of gastrointestinal disorder at any given point in time. Primarily, the causes of the prevalence of chronic digestive and related diseases are due to lifestyle changes, lack of exercise, overeating, depression, anxiety, and socio-economic and emotional factors.

Top Gastroenterology Universities Worldwide:

Europe Gastroenterology Universities:

International University of Catalonia | Miguel Hernandez University | Pompeu Fabra University | Rovira I Virgili University | The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) |

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