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Welcome To
5th Global Conference on

Nursing Education and Health Care

THEME: Leading Innovation for better healthcare and nursing system

About Nursing Education and Health Care

We are honored to welcome all the interested and passionate participants from all across the globe to its esteemed “5th Global Conference on Nursing Education and Health Care” on June 26-27, 2024 Through the theme, “Leading Innovation for Better Healthcare and Nursing system”. Nursing Education 2024  is a Two-day Webinar concentrating on Interactive Tracks that focus attention on Nursing Education and Health Care transformation and new trends in nursing, keynote lectures from topmost Scientists and industry experts, panel discussions, poster competitions, and a Young Researcher colloquium. The conference program will feature well-known and thought-instigating speakers to interactive discussion Tracks.

Nurses save and improve lives as front-line individuals from the medicinal services conveyance group. They freely evaluate and screen patients, and adopting a comprehensive strategy, figure out what patients need to achieve and save their wellbeing. Medical attendants at that point give care and, if necessary, alert other human services experts to help. For example, crisis division attendants’ emergency every single approaching patient, concluding which are the most broken down and in what request they require the consideration of other h

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Nursing and Healthcare

Nursing and medicinal services manages fluctuated parts of patient consideration. The job of nursing in impartation quality clinical therapy to debilitated patients can't be sabotaged. On the contrary hand general human services medical attendants spend significant time in embracing and teaching parcels on the differed fundamental wellbeing viewpoints viz. individual and network cleanliness, immunization projects and elective populace explicit treatment rehearses, for the beneficial thing about a total populace. Consequently, innovative work of contemporary nursing and medicinal services practices will help in inspiring the wellbeing status of an individual, family just as a predefined populace.

Nursing and human services unite people who have an enthusiasm for various fields of nursing like mental, malignancy, heart, basic consideration, grown-up and women wellbeing, legitimate, pediatric and crisis nursing, birthing assistance, general wellbeing, social insurance and medication from training, research, organization, strategy and instruction. It is a gathering to investigate issues of common worry just as trade information, share proof and thoughts, and create arrangements.

Track 2: Clinical Nursing

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : Nursing and Healthcare
  • Track 2 : Clinical Nursing
  • Track 3 : Critical Care and Emergency Nursing
  • Track 4 : Innovations in Nursing Education
  • Track 5 : Pediatric Nursing
  • Track 6 : Cardiovascular Nursing
  • Track 7 : Oncology nursing
  • Track 8 : Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
  • Track 9 : Midwifery and Women Health Nursing
  • Track 10 : Public Health Nursing
  • Track 11 : Disaster Nurse Practice

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Organizing Committee Member

Fusun Terzioglu
Jade Kay
Margaret C. Delaney
Alice J. Haines
Nan Smith Blair
Dian Baker
Hilary Whyte
Su-Fen Cheng


Mohammad Shaban
Uma Joshi
Rajesh Kumar Sharma
Amal I. Khalil
Hanan Rabea Nada
Awatef Hassan Kassem
Ayush Madan
Neama Yousef Mohamed Hantira
Shivani Sharma
David John Wortley
Sai Sailesh Kumar G
Serife Cinar
Samira Mohajer
Mohammad Namazi Nia
Nelson Bautista

Market Research

The Global Nursing care market reached a value of nearly $855.9 billion in 2018, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8% since 2014, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.6% to nearly $1,191.2 billion by 2022. Where is the largest and fastest growing market for the nursing care market? How does the market relate to the overall economy, demography and other similar markets? What forces will shape the market going forward? The global nursing care market report to 2022 report from the Business Research Company answers all these questions and many more.

Growth in the nursing care market in the historic period resulted from the rapid growth in the size of the elderly population, strong economic growth in emerging markets, changes in social patterns, and health insurance reforms. Factors that negatively affected growth in the historic period were low healthcare access in some countries, shortages of skilled human resources, lack of insurance coverage and weak wage growth in developed economies. Going forward, faster economic growth, technological developments and increasingly busy and sedentary lifestyles will drive growth.

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