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Welcome To
6th International Conference on

Veterinary and Livestock

THEME: Innovation, Sustainability in Veterinary & Livestock

About Veterinary and Livestock

Conference Mind announces the upcoming “6th International Conference on Veterinary and Livestock " which is planned during July 28-29, 2023, in Goa, India.  Veterinary Conference gathering keeps running with the subject "Innovation and Sustainability in Veterinary and Livestock". Animal Science Conference gives the best chance to examine the most recent research in the field of veterinary.  Livestock Conference based on different veterinary regions, for instance, veterinary drug, creature sustenance, creature augmentation, biotechnology, veterinary antibodies, veterinary research, animal welfare, veterinary thought, and the board, poultry development, dairy sciences, trained creatures and sustenance, meat science and advancement, veterinary the investigation of sickness transmission, animal science, veterinary dentistry, etc. Overall assembling veterinary and animal science offers a particular open entryway for authorities over the world to gather, convey, and share new intelligent progressions.

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Veterinary

Veterinary science is essential to the investigation of domesticated animals, crowd wellbeing and checking the spread of sickness. It requires the use of logical learning in numerous zones and the utilization of specialized aptitudes in sickness anticipation that may influence the two pets and wild creatures. Creature Production encourages enhancements in horticultural profitability, with an accentuation on creature generation frameworks and directs the creature improvement. Creature generation division has been experiencing change at a wonderful pace in the course of recent decades.

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : Veterinary and Animal Science
  • Track 2 : Poultry Science
  • Track 3 : Veterinary Economics
  • Track 4 : Animal Nutrition & Physiology
  • Track 5 : Veterinary Biochemistry
  • Track 6 : Dairy Technology
  • Track 7 : Veterinary Epidemiology
  • Track 8 : Agriculture & Animal Breeding
  • Track 9 : Livestock Production & Management
  • Track 10 : Veterinary Surgery & Radiology
  • Track 11 : Veterinary Microbiology

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Organizing Committee Member

Mohammed Hafeez
 Brejesh Singh
Yusuf Leonard Henuk
Akhilesh Pandey
Hom Bahadur Basnet
Amit Kumar Jha
Ravindra Shivaji Tayde
 Rajeev Ranjan
Deepak Gangil
Joycee Jogi
 Vivek Agrawal
Poonam Shakya


Ivan Andonovic
Suman Kumar
Yusuf Leonard Henuk
Hom Bahadur Basnet
Prem Sagar
Sila Daniel Damwesh
 Amit Kumar Jha
Vikram Punia
 Rajeev Ranjan
Bernard Turek
Akhilesh Pandey
Brejesh Singh
Amitav Bhattacharyya
Suchitra Sena Dande
Akshatha G Desai
Arun Mourya
Swati Koli
Vaishali Gupta
Francesca Arfuso
Rosalia Crupi
Enrico Gugliandolo
Jitendra Tiwari
Sutan Y.F.G. Dillak
Nandani Kumari
Nitin Mohan Gupta
Poonam Shakya
Prem Yadav
Edi Erwan
Babita Das
Vivek Agrawal
Verônica Flores da Scheeren
Prof. Herowati T. Pangestuti
Mariana Nenobais
Upik S. Rosnah
Stefanus T. Temu
Jacob R. Noach
Luh Sri Enawati
Sheikh Taiyab Ali
M V A N Suryanarayana
Hardeep Kalkal
Claudia Giannetto
Kanchan K. Walwadkar
Giovanna Lucrezia Costa
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Sundaray
Dharmendra Kumar
Dr. Shilpa Gajbhiye
Yogita Pandey
Brijesh Nanda
Nethee Deori
 Kavita Jaidiya
Fabio Bruno
Herayanti P. Nastiti
Andy Peters
 Vimala Bind
Narendra Kumar
Sumit Ashok Burkul

Market Research

The veterinary field is one of the quickest developing in the United States. Interest for new medicines, for example, hip substitutions, blood transfusions, and malignant growth medications are driving the expansion. Veterinarian work development is required to increment 27.6% in 2016. While the veterinary consideration industry is developing, it's the expert and technologist places that are anticipated to have the biggest increment in the following two years. Employment development for veterinary technologists and specialists is relied upon to increment by 41% in 2016. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says this is on the grounds that pet proprietors are winding up increasingly princely while the quantity of pets keeps on developing, so technologists and professionals ready to give specific administrations will keep on being sought after. The capacity to give veterinary administrations starts in the market for veterinary training, the wellspring of work in the veterinary markets' production network. These schools are both non-benefit and revenue-driven foundations. Veterinarians have various work choices upon graduation, including private practice (for example sidekick creature, nourishment creature, blended creature, equine), open practice (for example college, government, formally dressed administrations), industry and non-benefits. In 2014, an expected 100,137 veterinarians were effectively rehearsing veterinary medication in the United States. The biggest port

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