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Welcome To
6th World Congress on

Plant Genomics and Plant Science

THEME: Significant Innovations and Emerging Novel Research in Plant Science
December 06-07, 2024

About Plant Genomics and Plant Science

The 6th World Congress on Plant Genomics and Plant Science will be held December 06-07, 2024, and incorporates brief keynote introductions, Oral talks, Workshops Poster introductions, and Exhibitions. The gathering topic is "The New Horizons of Challenges and Innovations in Plant Science". Plant Genomics Conference is the chief occasion that unites an interesting and universal blend of specialists, analysts, and leaders from the scholarly community and industries over the globe to trade their insight, mastery, and research advancements to assemble a world-class plant genomics meeting. Plant Science Conference centers around viewpoints, such as reproducing, atomic marker advancement, crop improvement, malady opposition, development studies, and pathology, to understand devices to defeat obstruction and empower fruitful information examination and the executives. Introductions concentrate specifically on plant genomics as well as yield and ranger service research running from wheat, grain, maize, and rice to potato, tomato, Arabidopsis, biofuels, and different natural products.

Target Audience:                &nb

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Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Plant Genome Science

Plant Genomics is the field of plant science focused on understanding the arrangement, structure, and guideline of the genome. With the appearance of minimal effort high-throughput sequencing, examinations of the genome have clothed to be substantially more advanced as recently. It is currently conceivable to think about different genomes inside animal categories (container genomes) just as crosswise over species.

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Tracks and Key Topics

  • Track 1 : Plant Genome Science
  • Track 2 : Agricultural Science
  • Track 3 : Plant Proteomics and Plant Science
  • Track 4 : Soil Science: Research and Advances
  • Track 5 : Plant Nutritional Genomics
  • Track 6 : Plant Biotechnology
  • Track 7 : Plant Genetics and Genomics Market
  • Track 8 : Soil Erosion and Soil Management
  • Track 9 : Environmental Soil Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • Track 10 : Crop Improvement and Plant Virology
  • Track 11 : Plant Pathology

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Organizing Committee Member

Russel J Reiter
Amy L. Greeson
Wuwei Ye
 Eloy Rodiguez
 Akbar Nikkhah
Muhammad Usman
 Mohammad Zarif Sharifi
Ayman EL-Sabagh
Balwant Kumar
Ajeet Kumar
Sanjay Kumar Singh
Kumar Sanjeev
Niru Kumari
Suneeta Paswan
Amrendra Kumar
Hemlata Singh
& Affiliation
 Dr. Mukul Kumar
Dr. Amit Kaur Puri


Dr. Sai Krishna Repalli
Ms. Katerina Velchova
B.N. Hazarika
Dr. Mohammad Zarif Sharifi
Balwant Kumar
Dr. Edgar Omar Rueda Puente
Navnit Kumar
Riddhi Datta
Farshid Talat
Ibrahim A. A. Mohamed
Satish Kumar Singh
Mitra Lal Pathak
Praharshit Sharma
Sayed Hussain
Praveen Kumar
Amina Mezouari
Nadia Chiahi
 Dellna Illavia
Ram Babu
Sarita Kumari
Shanti Bhushan
G. Prashamsha
Ajeet Kumar
Sanjay Kumar Singh
Mukul Kumar
Gundlapalli Swathi
Surya Teja Varansi
Dharm Nath Kamat
Suneeta Paswan
 Sanjeev Kumar
Niru Kumari
Amit Kumar Pandey
Mrinalini Kumari
Ragini Kumari
Meeta Saral
Ashutosh Singh
Shiva Pujan Singh
Sushma Saroj Surin
Pankaj Singh
Rakesh Ranjan
Sunita Kadeyang
Neena Bharti
Bhairav Nath Prasad
Kamlesh Kumar Singh
Nagendra Kumar
Hossein Nazarian
Tarun Kumar
Amrendra Kumar
Dr. Sunita Kumari Meena
Giddi Thirumala Devi
Anoop Singh
Sunita Kumari
Narendra Kumar
Raj Kumar Mandal
Savita Kumari
Aman Jaiswal
Aman Tigga
Bishun Deo Prasad
Rajneesh Singh
Md. Minnatullah
Vivek Singh
Soshu Kirihara

Market Research

Importance and Scope

This is the investigation of the structure, capacity, development, and insurance of plants. Plant science is partitioned into three noteworthy classes; they are agronomy, cultivation and ranger service. Without plants, we and every single other creature would not exist. We basically rely upon plants for sustenance. They likewise have sway on the economy of a country. Contrasted with several plants on earth, we develop not many. Plant science has lively extension in leading exploration in rearing, physiology, creation, yield and the executives of harvest. Plant science has a wide scope of study field like plant morphology, plant pathology, atomic science, plant hereditary qualities, photochemistry and a lot progressively consequent fields. Atomic science is apparently a standout amongst the most significant fields in science. Plant biotechnology is driving the route in applications and will keep on carrying developments into the field. The field of plant science is making momentous strides forward in the utilization of genomics innovations to comprehend the systems controlling numerous parts of improvement, reactions to the earth, hormone flagging, genome advancement, and epigenetics. It appears that energizing occasions lie ahead for plant biotechnology that may prompt significant applications in horticulture and other development to help fee

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